Painting for Acchan’s 20th birthday

This is the painting I made for Acchan’s 2011 birthday back in July. I started working on it late June, and finished it a few days after her birthday in July (Gomenasai~)… I named it “Atsuko no Taki” [Atsuko’s Waterfall].  If i remember correctly,  it took about a week to ship via UPS, very expensive.

Atsuko no Taki

Atsuko no Taki

And this is the card that went along with it

Cover *not that great >_<‘




“otanjoubi omedetou. okurete gomen ne!”
*Happy Birthday. Sorry for being late!*

The other side of the card is more messages, mostly in English with a sprinkle of Japanese….

I hope she actually received it~
Posted this now because people wanted to see the painting….

Tell me what you think!