Nisekoi PSV theme

As requested by farrel, I have made a Nisekoi PSV theme, well it’s not really a theme just a pack of wallpapers.  There’s a lot of blushing in the anime and manga so so each wallpaper will have blushing! Lockscreen If you want you can use this as a lock screen instead : You can use […]

Acchan48 Logo

I made this logo for about a month ago. It’s Acchan wearing a Negi-chan chikara hat. Negi-chan is based Acchan’s drawings: And also, Negi-chan is getting revenge for this…   I also updated the website design ( [it used to be just a forum],  however some stuff are still work in progress.

DualShock 4 (PS4 controller) concept art

I made a DS4 concept from the rumours of the next DualShock having a touch pad on the controller. I modeled it based on the DS3 and made some changes. Here are some work in progress pics:   There’s a touch pad between the dpad and face buttons. The PS button is moved lowered to […]

PSVita Sword Art Online Theme (wallpaper)

I spent a few hours making a SAO theme for my PSVita. I tried to match the background with the specific section, here it is in action: Single player games (Kirito = solo) Multiplayer games (Asuna wants a friendly duel) PSN/PS1/PSmini/PSmobile games Messages (Kirito and Asuna are chattings) Media (swords away and enjoying the sunset) […]

3D model of Acchan’s head WIP#2

Work in progress #2 for Maeda Atsuko’s head. I added more polys in the head. Model most of the ear. smoothed:

Painting for Acchan’s 20th birthday

This is the painting I made for Acchan’s 2011 birthday back in July. I started working on it late June, and finished it a few days after her birthday in July (Gomenasai~)… I named it “Atsuko no Taki” [Atsuko’s Waterfall].  If i remember correctly,  it took about a week to ship via UPS, very expensive. And […]

Acchan Best Beauty Award

Congrats to Atsuko Maeda for getting the 「2011 THE BEST BEAUTY OF THE YEAR」award at the VOCE Best Cosmetics Award Ceremony! I made this header for a forum~ source: Oricon | Modelpress

3D model of Acchan’s head WIP#1

I started to model Maeda Atsuko’s (Acchan) head for fun. The orthographic pictures, that I use isn’t the best suitable for this. The photos are not even in the same photoshoot. However, I will make do with what I have.   I rotate the heads so they match up, even then it doesn’t really match, […]