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NeoHome Commercial

Here is a commercial I edited around May of 2012. It aired on Fairchild TV channel in Toronto.

GoldStation commercial

Here is a commercial I edited back in March 2012. There are a few versions with slight changes and another version for Vancouver (voice over changes for address and end slate). There are also two English version with different actors/actress and voice overs. I may update this post to add them in. It aired on […]

Website Coding (Salis Noodis)

Been a while since I last blogged. Here’s a website that I coded 2 weeks or so ago, If you live near the restaurant, go and have a taste.

HTML5 game

I made this game 2 weeks ago. About a week ago my windows screwed up and had to reinstall and lost my source files. I might re-make it and add more stuff sometime in the future. Anyways give it a try… [Classified] made with construct 2

Some flash animation

These are some flash animation that I did in the school semester. Ball bounce Scarecrow ball jump Lumber Jack Whale: “Hate Dad” *girl’s left eyelid’s position is wrong near the end (I do not have the program to fix it anymore)* Ned: “Youtube” Ned: “ButtBirth”

Face muscle

Diagram I did on face muscles ontop of a picture of Bruce Lee almost 2 years ago for an assignment.

3D model of Acchan’s head WIP#2

Work in progress #2 for Maeda Atsuko’s head. I added more polys in the head. Model most of the ear. smoothed:

Painting for Acchan’s 20th birthday

This is the painting I made for Acchan’s 2011 birthday back in July. I started working on it late June, and finished it a few days after her birthday in July (Gomenasai~)… I named it “Atsuko no Taki” [Atsuko’s Waterfall].  If i remember correctly,  it took about a week to ship via UPS, very expensive. And […]

Acchan Best Beauty Award

Congrats to Atsuko Maeda for getting the 「2011 THE BEST BEAUTY OF THE YEAR」award at the VOCE Best Cosmetics Award Ceremony! I made this header for a forum~ source: Oricon | Modelpress

3D model of Acchan’s head WIP#1

I started to model Maeda Atsuko’s (Acchan) head for fun. The orthographic pictures, that I use isn’t the best suitable for this. The photos are not even in the same photoshoot. However, I will make do with what I have.   I rotate the heads so they match up, even then it doesn’t really match, […]

Demo Reel 2011

Demo Reel 2011

2011 April

Car WIP + Gun

Front grill mesh,  car seat, car texturing. Fixing and adding more detail to VC32 gun.