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Nisekoi PSV theme

As requested by farrel, I have made a Nisekoi PSV theme, well it’s not really a theme just a pack of wallpapers.  There’s a lot of blushing in the anime and manga so so each wallpaper will have blushing! Lockscreen If you want you can use this as a lock screen instead : You can use […]

Chantel Cosmetics advertisements/flyers

Here are some advertisement/flyers for print and or web that I created in the past ~2 years. These are for Chantel Cosmetics which is the exclusive distributor of Dr. Rimpler and Isabelle Lancray skin care products in Canada. Web: web version: email version: web version: email version: web version: email version:   Posters:   Print:   […]

Results Advertising Corporate Video

For Results Advertising I created their logo animation as seen below. I made this corporate video for them back in November of 2013 for their 4th year company celebration. They wanted to show case most of the commercial and advertising work they have done, some of which I have edited. The text in the beginning […]

Acchan48 Logo

I made this logo for about a month ago. It’s Acchan wearing a Negi-chan chikara hat. Negi-chan is based Acchan’s drawings: And also, Negi-chan is getting revenge for this…   I also updated the website design ( [it used to be just a forum],  however some stuff are still work in progress.

How to edit images in a exe file

1) You would need a program to edit .exe files i.e. Resource Hacker: 2) Find the image you want to change and export the image. Export image 3) Edit the image 4) Replace the image using the Resource Hacker program. Replace image 5) Do that for all the images you want to edit 6) […]

DualShock 4 (PS4 controller) concept art

I made a DS4 concept from the rumours of the next DualShock having a touch pad on the controller. I modeled it based on the DS3 and made some changes. Here are some work in progress pics:   There’s a touch pad between the dpad and face buttons. The PS button is moved lowered to […]

PSVita Sword Art Online Theme (wallpaper)

I spent a few hours making a SAO theme for my PSVita. I tried to match the background with the specific section, here it is in action: Single player games (Kirito = solo) Multiplayer games (Asuna wants a friendly duel) PSN/PS1/PSmini/PSmobile games Messages (Kirito and Asuna are chattings) Media (swords away and enjoying the sunset) […]

Day & Night Commercial

Day & Night commercial I edited back in 2012.  

Man Sing commercials

Here are 2 commercials I did back in Sept 2012, one is “Home Theatre”, the other “Karaoke”. Aired on Fairchild TV in Toronto. HT: Karaoke:

Bayview Food Mart commercial

Here is a commercial I edited in Sept 2012. Aired on Fairchild TV in Toronto.

Stellen Canada commercials

Here is 2 commercials I edited and also made the cg back in July 2012. Both are nano technology products, one is a apple that purifies the air, the other is a tumbler that purifies the water within. There’s 3 different languages; Chinese, Cantonese, and English. I will only post the English versions. It aired […]

Golfzon Park commercial

Here is a commercial I edited back in June 2012. It aired on Fairchild TV channel in Toronto.