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Cyclops Baby & Boy (Character Design)

Car WIP 4

Rear grill, side blade grill, and tires. 

Car WIP 3

Tail Light:         Head Light:         Engine:  

Demo Reel WIP- Car 1 & 2 – Updated

Audi R8 work in process 1 and 2  

“Neon” (Textured and Lighting)

“Neon” (Textured and Lighting) Model from (

Museum Render

Museum Render Model from (

Art Studio Render

Art Studio render Model from (

Demo Reel plan

Audi R8 I am planning on modeling a car, texture and light it.

Bottle Render

  Bottle Render that I did with DOF (Depth of Field) Model from (  

Animation Dialogue(Inception) – 3rd/Final pass

This is my 3rd pass for this dialogue from Inception.

Kitchen render

This is my render (texture and lighting) for this kitchen (from I went for a creepy atmostphere.

Animation Dialogue(Inception) – 2nd pass

This is my 2nd pass for this dialogue from Inception.