Nisekoi PSV theme

As requested by farrel, I have made a Nisekoi PSV theme, well it’s not really a theme just a pack of wallpapers.  There’s a lot of blushing in the anime and manga so so each wallpaper will have blushing! Lockscreen If you want you can use this as a lock screen instead : You can use […]

PSVita Sword Art Online Theme (wallpaper)

I spent a few hours making a SAO theme for my PSVita. I tried to match the background with the specific section, here it is in action: Single player games (Kirito = solo) Multiplayer games (Asuna wants a friendly duel) PSN/PS1/PSmini/PSmobile games Messages (Kirito and Asuna are chattings) Media (swords away and enjoying the sunset) […]

Stellen Canada commercials

Here is 2 commercials I edited and also made the cg back in July 2012. Both are nano technology products, one is a apple that purifies the air, the other is a tumbler that purifies the water within. There’s 3 different languages; Chinese, Cantonese, and English. I will only post the English versions. It aired […]

Golfzon Park commercial

Here is a commercial I edited back in June 2012. It aired on Fairchild TV channel in Toronto.

Website Coding (Salis Noodis)

Been a while since I last blogged. Here’s a website that I coded 2 weeks or so ago, http://salisnoodis.com/ If you live near the restaurant, go and have a taste.