Nisekoi PSV theme

As requested by farrel, I have made a Nisekoi PSV theme, well it’s not really a theme just a pack of wallpapers.  There’s a lot of blushing in the anime and manga so so each wallpaper will have blushing! Lockscreen If you want you can use this as a lock screen instead : You can use […]

DualShock 4 (PS4 controller) concept art

I made a DS4 concept from the rumours of the next DualShock having a touch pad on the controller. I modeled it based on the DS3 and made some changes. Here are some work in progress pics:   There’s a touch pad between the dpad and face buttons. The PS button is moved lowered to […]

HTML5 game

I made this game 2 weeks ago. About a week ago my windows screwed up and had to reinstall and lost my source files. I might re-make it and add more stuff sometime in the future. Anyways give it a try… [Classified] made with construct 2

Some flash animation

These are some flash animation that I did in the school semester. Ball bounce Scarecrow ball jump Lumber Jack Whale: “Hate Dad” *girl’s left eyelid’s position is wrong near the end (I do not have the program to fix it anymore)* Ned: “Youtube” Ned: “ButtBirth”

Face muscle

Diagram I did on face muscles ontop of a picture of Bruce Lee almost 2 years ago for an assignment.

Demo Reel 2011

Demo Reel 2011

2011 April

Cyclops Baby & Boy (Character Design)

“Neon” (Textured and Lighting)

“Neon” (Textured and Lighting) Model from (

Museum Render

Museum Render Model from (

Art Studio Render

Art Studio render Model from (

Bottle Render

  Bottle Render that I did with DOF (Depth of Field) Model from (  

Animation Dialogue(Inception) – 3rd/Final pass

This is my 3rd pass for this dialogue from Inception.